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Dunsink Observatory

Scribblestown, Dublin, Ireland

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H3 Supreme / Computar 8mm f1.2, Az 183.1, Ev 32.0

Watec 902H3 Supreme / Computar 8mm f1.2, Az 218.1, Ev 34.7



Dunsink Observatory lies approximately 8km to the north-west of Dublin city centre and has a long tradition of astronomical observation, having been eestablished in 1785. Now part of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS), it provides accommodation for visiting scientists and is also used for conferences and public outreach events. Public talks on astronomy and astrophysics are given regularly at the observatory by professional and amateur astronomers. Stargazing events are also held using the Grubb telescope.

Early in 2016, NEMETODE regular Michael O'Connell began to explore the possibility of having two video and one radio meteor detection system installed at Dunsink. Working closely with Jonathan Mackey & Hilary O'Donnell, funding for a such an installation was secured. William Stewart was able to source, build, test and supply the necessary equipment and in September 2016 the two video systems were installed and have been operating perfectly since then. The upper left photo in the section below shows the team on the day of the installation.

In January 2017 the two video systems were augmented with an antenna and receiver to record radio transmissions from the GRAVES radar in France that have been scattered from the ion trail generated by ablating meteors, thus allowing meteor activity to be monitored continuously, irrespective of daylight or inclement weather.

In addition to being another valuable part of the NEMETODE network, these two cameras will further augment Dunsink's existing public outreach initiatives and will help to extend the ablation layer coverage over Ireland. Jonathan and the Dunsink team can be reached at this email address.