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Graham Salmon

Blockley, Gloucestershire, England

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H / Cosmicar 6mm f1.2, Az 292.7, Ev 39.0

Watec 902H2 Ultimate / Computar 3.8mm f0.8, Az TBD, Ev TBD



Encouraged by his father, Graham has had an interest in astronomy from when he was very young. While I was at college he made a 6", f8 telescope, grinding his own concave object glass and was fortunate enough to have the professional mirror maker F.J.Hargreaves to monitor his progress. However, it was not until he and his wife retired and moved to Cornwall that he began to observe seriously. Graham purchased a Meade 10", f10 telescope and mounted it on the roof with a sliding portion of the roof to cover it. Norman Walker had introduced Graham to Variable Stars and he supplied him with a 4-colour filter for which Graham built a computer controlled drive.

Upon moving back up-country again to Gloucestershire sixteen years later Graham had to leave the telescope behind as there was nowhere to place the 'scope on the new house. A few years later though, two articles about meteors by William Stewart, one in the BAA Journal and one in "Astronomy Now", encouraged Graham to get in touch with William who provided a system based around a a Watec 902H camera and a Cosmicar/Pentax 6mm, f1.2 lens.

Having made a good start, it was disappointing when Graham had a fall that resulted in four fractured vertebrae. He also suffered a bout of hydrocephalus as well. It set him back but since then he has been able to catch up and has now largely mastered UFO Analyser and is looking forward to grappling with UFO Orbit.