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James Dawson

Nottingham, England

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H2 Supreme / Cosmicar Pentax 3.8mm f0.8, Az 121.3, Ev 49.5.




James Dawson first became interested in astronomy in the early 1980s and can still remember his initial view of Saturn's rings through a 60mm refractor that he had been given for Christmas, a telescope he still owns but does not regularly use.

Despite now living in more light polluted skies in suburban Nottingham, James remains a keen DSLR wide field & solar system imager (see images below) and general astronomy enthusiast. He is actively involved in Nottingham Astronomical Society, maintains their Facebook page and runs the society's Helpdesk to assist members and guests with astronomy equipment issues.

While light pollution limits where James can mount and point cameras, the skies to the east, south and south west of him offer the best views for meteor detection. His first meteor camera, which came online in early August 2015, is directed towards his south east, covering East Anglia and the South East.

James is new to both meteor and video astronomy, but is looking forward to contributing to data collection and analysis with NEMETODE.