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Jon Jones

Huntington (near Chester), Cheshire, England

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H / Computar 3.6mm f0.8, Az 021.8, Ev 36.9




Jon first took up astronomy as a serious hobby in 2003 whilst having the benefit of dark skies in rural North Wales. Alas a combination of a busy travel schedule at work and a number of house moves meant that opportunities for astrophotography and general observing became limited. Recently a move to the outskirts of the city of Chester has provided a new opportunity to renew the hobby. A chance opportunity to acquire a WATEC 902H camera meant that meteor observing could be a good way back into the hobby. This camera was quickly augmented by parts borrowed from a certain William Stewart (whom Jon works with in Wilmslow) plus additional items purchased from eBay (again, following William's experience and recommendations). The setup was successfully installed in February 2015 and on only its second night of operation, captured its first meteoric light.

Jon has a chemistry background and future research may involve spectral measurements and elemental analysis but the short term aim is to optimise the first camera for meteor detection.