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Fireball of 12th August 2013 at 01:26:02 GMT / 02:26:02 BST

While single station analyses suggested this event was either a Kappa Cygnid or an August Draconid, combining the datasets proved that the orbital inclination was too high for this meteor to be a member of either shower and that it was in fact a magnitude -5.6 Sporadic Fireball. The top image is from Leeds whereas the next two are from a pair of cameras in Ravensmoor. Note that both of the Ravensmoor cameras have been rotated clockwise through 90 degrees within their housings in order to minimise local overlap (see Nodes) and so what appears to be the bottom of the field of view is actually the left hand side. The derived ground track and orbit is shown on the bottom row.

Clicking on the image of the meteor itself will download / play a .wmv file of the event itself. Details of the date, time and location are shown in the text at the bottom of each video clip. In addition, we've also included images of the derived ground track and orbit.

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