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Slow Meteor of 17th January 2015 at 05:48:41 GMT

At 05:48:41 GMT on 17th January 2015 an unusually slow and long lasting meteor was observed by Allan Carter (Basingstoke) and Nick James (Chelmsford). Images and videos are given below - in the meantime Nick has analysed the data and notes, "It was a low-inclination prograde object with a low geocentric velocity of 15.3 km/s. It overtook us and had a radiant near the antihelion (the point in the sky that lies, from the perspective of the earth, opposite the sun). It wasn't particularly bright (absolute magnitude -0.6) but consistent with antihelion meteors (which are high-density objects, probably from asteroids) it lasted a long time in the atmosphere. The detected path was 151.9 km long giving a duration of 10s or so as it descended from 91 to 63 km. Towards the end it fragmented and left a wake."

The videos are shown below as is the triangulated ground track and orbit while a .kml file to show the trajectory and ground track in Google Earth is available here.


Clicking on the image of the meteor itself will download / play a .wmv file of the event itself. Details of the date, time and location are shown in the text at the bottom of each video clip. In addition, we've also included images of the derived ground track and orbit.

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