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Michael Morris

Worcester, Worcestershire, England

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H2 Ultimate & Computar 2.6mm f1.0, Az 238.0, Ev 88.2

Watec 902H Computar 8.0mm f0.8, Az 317.3, Ev 37.3



Michael Morris is an observer based in Worcester. Some of you may recall that Michael has had a widefield system in operation for a number of years, data from which played a key role in the investigation of the UK Fireball of 30th March 2013. In August 2014 Michael has also upgraded this system to a Watec 902H2 Ultimate camera with a Computar 2.6mm f1.0 lens.

In September 2014 Michael added a second camera (a Watec 902H) pointing to the North West over North Wales and the Irish Sea. Initially he used a 6mm f1.4 lens, then a 3.6mm f0.8 lens, before finally installing a Computar 8mm f0.8 lens in February 2016.