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Nick Quinn

Steyning, West Sussex, England

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H3 Ultimate / Computar 4mm f1.2, Az 092.0, Ev 41.1




Nick has been interested in astronomy and spaceflight since the days of the Apollo missions to the Moon. As well as being a long-time member of the BAA, he has been secretary and chairman of Worthing AS and served on the council of the Federation of Astronomical Societies. He is interested in many aspects of astronomy and over the years has accumulated several telescopes, cameras and other equipment. He has travelled the world to see more than a dozen total solar eclipses as detailed on his website.

For the majority of the week he works as a computer analyst and programmer in the insurance industry, apart from one day when he works at the Adur Brewery. The brewery is run as a Co-operative and Nick sits on the management committee. Although it doesn't (yet) make a lot of money, it is very rewarding!