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Nick Rowell

Gargunnock, near Stirling, Scotland

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H2 Supreme / Cosmicar Pentax 6mm f0.8, Az 027.2, Ev 32.3




Nick Rowell is an astrophysicist at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh and is currently part of DPAC (Data Processing and Analysis Consortium for the Gaia Space Telescope). He became interested in meteor videography in 2013 when he first heard about NEMETODE and similar meteor detection networks. Setting up an observing site of his own seemed like a great opportunity to build experience with some real equipment and learn a bit more about the technology involved in backyard astronomy.

Nick has worked on a range of projects with the European Space Agency including developing machine vision based guidance systems for asteroid and planetary landing missions and using multiple-view imagery to triangulate meteors seemed like a fascinating use of this emerging technology.

The latest videos from Nick's camera can be viewed here and more details on his astrophysics research can be found here.